INFORMATION AND RESOURCES ABOUT ARIA C3 (formerly known as “Action Evaluation”)

What is ARIA-C3?

Overview Essay

What Others Say About ARIA C3

Action Evaluation in the Theory and Practice of Conflict Resolution (by Marc Ross)

The Action Evaluation Process (from Johns Hopkins University Toolkit)

Cincinnati Police-Community Collaborative Archive

Interactive Website about Cincinnati Police-Community Relations Collaborative

Presentation of C3 Process in Cincinnati (Action Evaluation).

Taking stock of Cincinnati Collaborative Agreement (NPR radio interview with Rothman, 2006)


A Comparative Analysis of Action-Evaluation Across Multiple Cases

Action Evaluation and Project Participants: Integrating Personal Development into Project Evaluation

Action Evaluation: A New Method of Goal Setting, Planning and Defining Success for Community Development Initiatives

Action Evaluation for Knowledge Creation in Social-Education Programs

Action Evaluation: Integrating Evaluation Into the Intervention Process

Action Evaluation In The Theory And Practice Of Conflict Resolution

Actively Engaging Students and Staff to Reformulate a Peer Mediation Program at an Urban Chartered School: A Test of Action Evaluation

Articulating Goals and Monitoring Progress in a Cyprus Conflict Resolution Training Workshop

Criteria for Success for the Action Evaluation Consultant: Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Engaging “Fuzzy” Conflict: The Role of Action Evaluation

Ethics and Power in Action-Evaluation

Implementation Of Action Evaluation Methodology In A Conflict Resolution Studies Course

Report On Action Evaluation Of The Stara Zagora Multi-ethnic Commission, Bulgaria

ARIA in the News

The New York Times: A City Tries to Turn Candor Into Consensus

National Public Radio: 11/1/01

National Public Radio: Morning Edition: 6/25/01 ( requires Real Player )