Nashville Jewish Community Succeeds!

On May 2, 2012, members of the Nashville Jewish community with widely differing views on issues related to Israel and its future met for over four hours and reached a consensus on this statement:

When people hold strong and conflicting views about issues related to Israel and its future, the goals of the Jewish community of Nashville are:

  1. To respect each other and uphold Jewish values by carefully listening, hearing each other out and seeking to understand each other’s perspective.
  2. To create a safe, inclusive environment in which members, without being pejoratively labeled, vilified or excluded, can freely and respectfully express their viewpoints.
  3. To educate ourselves and deepen our understanding of modern Israel, its history, current realities and the quest for peace through the critical evaluation of diverse sources.
  4. To stand as a united community in our support of Israel as the homeland for the Jewish people.
  5. That the leadership of all jewish communal institutions will actively take responsibility to support the implementation of these goals.

151 people participated in the process.   They generated 403 proposed goal statements, over 100 personal stories that explain why the goals are important, and suggestions for action steps that fall into 25 different categories.  The Jewish Federation of Nashville and other local organizations are moving ahead with an active campaign to translate these  goals into a reality.

Read the full report here:  Nashville Conversation on Israel and Community

Read a description of the Action Evaluation process HERE: