Action Evaluation

Deeply connecting and collaborating with others in our shrinking globe is among the most challenging and important tasks of our time. Whether in our families, our schools, communities, organizations or nations, we need new tools for collaboratively inventing the futures we want to live in. The ARIA Group has developed and tested a methodology called Action Evaluation (AE) to address this need.

Action Evaluation consists of three phases:

  1. Baseline: Establishing shared definitions of success and goals.
  2. Formative: Implementation and monitoring of actions.
  3. Summative: Evaluation of success.

The Baseline phase we call “C3” because of its perspective from three levels: individual, group and system.   It is a three-lens visioning process that helps individuals and groups collaboratively set and implement a value-driven agenda for change. Based in action research, conflict resolution and organizational learning theory, C3 combines research with action to guide change in complex environments. An effective and systematic social change and participatory planning process, C3 allows organizations and communities to accomplish their goals and corresponding action plans, while capturing citizen interest and commitment and building monitoring and evaluation into the infrastructure of the programming.

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