Professor Jay Rothman has had an active first year during his new appointment at Bar Ilan University, including the speeches linked below:

Here, Rothman describes how Action Evaluation research can contribute to success in the conflict engagement field, and Professor Peter Coleman also gives insight into measuring success and failure :


Rothman also gave a Keynote address at the Menno Simons College titled “Peacemaking from the Inside Out.”  Before his speech, Rothman visited the Winnipeg Free Press and recorded this interview at their News Cafe:

And his speech at Menno Simons:


Publications by Jay Rothman


Jay Rothman is celebrating two new publications this year.  The first is the E-Book version of his doctoral dissertation, From Confrontation to Cooperation: Resolving Ethnic and Regional Conflict.  You can download this book for your E-reader here:

Click here for Rothman’s E-Book.

From Identity Based Conflict to Identity Based Cooperation

Rothman also served as the editor of From Identity Based Conflict to Identity Based Cooperation recently published by Springer, focusing on identity-based “concepts and practices that have been rigorously developed and tested in the field… [the book] provides a step-by-step understanding of how to use and adapt this model in their own practice Provide a user-friendly approach for both theorists and practitioners.

Each chapter is organized around “peace stories” describing efforts to creatively engage identity-based conflicts and promote cooperation at different levels of social organization (from interpersonal to international) in various regions around the world. In addition to chapters on theory and applications of ARIA, the book also presents  “how-to” sections. This book will be a great resource for practitioners, researchers, scholars and students of conflict and its creative engagement in theory and practice.”

(from the Springer description)

To purchase and see previews of the chapters, Click Here.

About the Author: Jay Rothman is professor in the program on Negotiation and Conflict Management at Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel. He is also the President of the US-based ARIA Group, Inc., a conflict resolution training, consulting and evaluation company. For over two decades he has been called upon internationally to help people caught in destructive cycles of deep identity-based conflict to understand and transform them into creative opportunities and cooperation.

Jay Rothman and Marvin Johnson lead community discussions on African American – Jewish Relations in Baltimore


“Many years ago, when you walked outside your home and looked at your neighbor, chances are they looked like you, had a job like yours, and likely had about as many children as you did. Today’s world is very different. Things have changed drastically. We are now surrounded by all different cultures…”

For the rest of this Baltimore Sun article and a description of Rothman’s community mediation work, CLICK HERE. 


ARIA Master Class for Mediators


Jay Rothman has had a busy and productive month in Israel, culminating in an intensive seminar for professional mediators.  Inviting experienced practitioners from Israel to this event, Rothman’s purpose is to assist others to continue mastering their craft and artistry and to expand their repertoire of skills and tools.

Rothman, who has been a mediator for several decades in Israel, Europe and the US, specializing in deeply rooted identity-based conflicts, will provide case based coaching in a small group setting, in the style of musical master class. (For more information about the ARIA approach go to
WHERE/WHEN – Ramat Hasharon, Tuesday, December 20th 2011, 9 am – 5 pm. (for details call master class organizer Ahuva Zemet)

Jay Rothman at the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University


Dr. Jay Rothman will be presenting the lecture and discussion session on Identity-Based Conflict and Cooperation in Theory and Practice on Friday, April 22nd from 12:00pm to 1:00pm.  It will be held at the Arlington Truland Building, Room 555 on George Mason’s campus.

Click this link for more information.

ARIA at international youth program Face to Face | Faith to Faith


Beginning in the fall of 2009, The ARIA Group began working with Face to Face | Faith to Faith (F2F), a program of Auburn Seminary in New York City, NY.  Since 2001, Face to Face has brought together hundreds of Christian, Jewish and Muslim teenagers from Northern Ireland, the Middle East, South Africa, and the U.S. to develop a new generation of leaders able to negotiate a multifaith global society. Teens learn how their own religious traditions and those of others can be used to build a more peaceful world.

ARIA is using their Action Evaluation process with F2F to develop a robust, internal process of capacity building and evaluation.  Already this method has been used to develop programmatic goals for the year long program:

  1. To challenge participants to safely engage conflict and explore identity in an ongoing process of building mutual understanding, trust and empathy; and
  2. To nurture faith-informed leaders with tools to build a more just and peaceful world

Additionally, Action Evaluation has been used throughout the program, from the Executive Council to each student who participated in the 2010 program.  This “top down, bottom up” approach has developed a set of goals unique to Face to Face which it can use to define, promote and assess success.

Click Here to read the F2F 2010 Student Region and Cross-Region Results.

Click Here for more information on Face to Face | Faith to Faith and Auburn Seminary.

Jay Rothman Interviewed at ICP Summer Academy


While on a break between sessions at the 2010 ICP Summer Academy in Switzerland, Jay Rothman sat down with Pascal Gemperli, the co-founder of the Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding.  He spoke about his work and how to transform conflicts comprehensively, compassionately and creatively.

Jay Rothman confers with leaders from Afghanistan


Dr. Rothman recently met with leaders from Afghanistan representing tribal councils, government and NGOs delegates. Traveling the United States for three weeks, the group stopped in Cincinnati for an International Visitors Leadership Program sponsored by the US Department of State and hosted by the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council.

Click here for an article on this visit.

Seek Peace and Pursue It:

Theory and Practice in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Resolution

Past, Present and Future.

Dr. Rothman’s Keynote at Ecological Counseling conference


Jay Rothman will be delivering a keynote address entitled “Fostering Empathy: Complementarity between Ecological Counseling and Creative Conflict Engagement” at the third annual Ecological Counseling conference.  The conference is being held at the Child Focus Training Center in Clermont County on April 8th and 9th, 2010.

Ecological counseling is an approach and practice developed by the University of Cincinnati Counseling Program.  The practice is defined as a “strengths-based, ecological approach to human psychological and emotional well-being in urban schools and communities, especially aimed at the city of Cincinnati.”

Click here for the program website.

Click here for the conference brochure.

Jay Rothman streamed around the world at Procter and Gamble leadership training


On April 21st, Dr. Jay Rothman  spoke at Procter and Gamble’s 2010 Leadership Training.  Dr. Rothman delivered a keynote address titled “The Power of Why:  Enabling my goals and building alignment with others,” and will also lead the session “Enabling great teamwork even when we disagree.”

Rothman’s discussed his experience as a conflict mediator and consultant to many corporate, educational and non-profit organizations in his address to P&G’s emerging leaders.