About Us

The ARIA Group, Inc. is a conflict resolution and collaborative planning firm, offering both consulting services and training.  We offer workshops, conflict assessment and intervention, dispute system design, collaborative strategic planning and evaluation services.

The ARIA Group can help you:

  • Understand conflict as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.
  • Engage conflict to achieve creative. collaborative solutions and enhance professional relationships.
  • Recognize and respond to different types and levels of conflict.
  • Increase productivity by developing new systems for conflict analysis and resolution.
  • Set, monitor and evaluate goals (Define, promote and assess success) through collaborative strategic planning.

Our Philosophy:

Handling conflict with clarity and creativity is essential to every organization’s well being.

Yet the most common responses to conflict are fight (confrontation) or flight (avoidance), as people seek to conquer or avoid stressful situations.  Fight or Flight responses to conflict often result in profound personal, institutional and financial costs.

The ARIA Group works with clients to teach engagement as an alternative to fight or flight.  The benefits of successfully engaging conflict include:

  • Improved communication
  • Greater productivity
  • Increased creativity
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Organizational and personal learning

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