What People Say About ARIA Conflict Engagement

“The ARIA process works at many levels. It is a wonderful metaphor for the phases of constructive conflict resolution that has applications in so many fields. It captures how creative conflict resolution is like a beautiful song when expertly executed. In all its forms, I have incorporated ARIA into my teaching and practice.”

-  Deborah Kolb, Ph.D. Senior Fellow and Former Executive Director, Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

“I have used the ARIA process all over the world, as both a training and intervention tool, with groups locked in identity-based conflict. It is the best approach I know for helping people turn deep conflicts into opportunities for learning and change.”

-  Dr. Edy Kaufman, Executive Director, The Truman Institute for the Advancement of International Peace, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

“Our work with the ARIA group over the past year has been a great investment in our well-being and future as a health-care provider. Starting with a board retreat, the ARIA Group has expertly guided our organization to engage conflict as an opportunity for learning and growth. It has been an invaluable management training experience and we are now implementing a comprehensive, sustainable ARIA Conflict Engagement System throughout our organization.

-  Michael Stephens, President and Executive Director, Med-Health Systems, Xenia, Ohio

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“The ARIA training that we employees,along with management, have received over the past year has been outstanding. It stood us in good stead even through a recent strike, enabling us to maintain good communication with each other despite the antagonistic environment around us. With expert assistance from The ARIA Group, we have now implemented an ARIA Conflict Engagement System to ensure that our new skills and knowledge are practically used and maintained. Moreover, outside the work environment, I have also been able to use ARIA skills in my involvement with community groups.”

-  Judith A. Houck, Special Assistant, Verizon Information Services, Union Steward with IBEW, Local 2213, North Greenbush, N.Y

” During my 40 years of public service, conflict has been a constant companion. My experience with the ARIA Group and their approach has been thoroughly positive. I highly recommend their services to other public and private sector leaders and executives whose daily bread is often buttered with conflict.”

Dave Foell, Former President,Ohio City/County Management Association, Former City Manager, Oakwood, Ohio