ARIA Conflict Engagement Method

The ARIA Methodâ„¢ of conflict engagement safely allows clients to surface their Antagonism, find shared Resonance, Invent creative options and plan Action. Whether applied at the level of individual self-analysis, between two parties in conflict, or as a tool for mediators intervening between conflicted parties, the ARIA Method moves participants toward constructive engagement and creative problem solving.

We guide clients toward calmly evaluating their own responses to conflict in general and to the conflict at hand. By fostering a new awareness of shared values and goals, the ARIA Method leads to cooperation and common cause between actual or potential antagonists. With the ARIA framework mastered, clients learn to apply it independently in order to creatively engage future conflict, by themselves (“solo“), with others (“duet“) and with the help of a mediator (“conductor“).


Conflict Management Training: Opening the Window to New Ideas


The ARIA Solo | download the Solo Worksheet

The ARIA Duet | download the Duet Worksheet

The ARIA Conductor