Publications by Jay Rothman

Jay Rothman is celebrating two new publications this year.  The first is the E-Book version of his doctoral dissertation, From Confrontation to Cooperation: Resolving Ethnic and Regional Conflict.  You can download this book for your E-reader here:

Click here for Rothman’s E-Book.

From Identity Based Conflict to Identity Based Cooperation

Rothman also served as the editor of From Identity Based Conflict to Identity Based Cooperation recently published by Springer, focusing on identity-based “concepts and practices that have been rigorously developed and tested in the field… [the book] provides a step-by-step understanding of how to use and adapt this model in their own practice Provide a user-friendly approach for both theorists and practitioners.

Each chapter is organized around “peace stories” describing efforts to creatively engage identity-based conflicts and promote cooperation at different levels of social organization (from interpersonal to international) in various regions around the world. In addition to chapters on theory and applications of ARIA, the book also presents  “how-to” sections. This book will be a great resource for practitioners, researchers, scholars and students of conflict and its creative engagement in theory and practice.”

(from the Springer description)

To purchase and see previews of the chapters, Click Here.

About the Author: Jay Rothman is professor in the program on Negotiation and Conflict Management at Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel. He is also the President of the US-based ARIA Group, Inc., a conflict resolution training, consulting and evaluation company. For over two decades he has been called upon internationally to help people caught in destructive cycles of deep identity-based conflict to understand and transform them into creative opportunities and cooperation.